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Fills a gap, whether that be an of-the-market kind, or an in-your-heart-of-hearts kind.

Candid Films is here to help you tell your story, whether you’re running a small business, looking to launch a brand, or wanting to preserve your family’s memories. 

Leads with its humanness.

It doesn’t matter what story you’re trying to tell, one of THE most important things is that it connects well with your audience, clients...even yourself. This is where Candid Films humanness comes in, aka me - Tori. As an empathetic storyteller with many’a years’ experience ‘walking the online walk’ tucked under my belt (and more visual content consumed than one really cares to admit to!), I know all too well the impact of a well-told story that connects, which is why I work hard to dig-deep, find the you at the core of what you do, what you’re trying to sell, or say, and bring that to the metaphorical filmmaking table!

Creates beautiful videos.

Where Candid Films’ humanness lends itself to substance, the videos I create pack a mighty style-punch in companion. Less about fads, gimmicks, and trends, and more about timeless, classic pieces that fit and mould to you, my focus is on getting to the heart of your story and sharing it in all its filmworthy glory!

It’s organic, this work of mine...candid storytelling, as it says on the tin.


Every film I create is tethered by an anchor point - the seed from which our giant acorn of a story-tree will grow! Focus is on the little things, the small unique details of which you alone (your USP, your creative quirks, your children’s distinct spring-in-their-step behaviours, the love that pours from your look-at-your-partner smile) are the bearer, brought to life in a way that spins the ordinary into something extraordinary.


Our project starts with us chatting so I can learn more about you and what you want to showcase (basically, I’m a nosey so-and-so, and thus have a good dig-around!). We’ll cover ideas, wishes and wants, and anything that inspires, filling in the blanks. From here I’ll research - should you be coming to Candid Films as a creative, or business - and scroll your website, check out blog posts, social…all to get a good feel for who you are, and what you do, and build a big-picture in mind of what it is we could create together.

On the day of our shoot I’ll couple the pre-planning with what’s-happening-during, as I work with our surroundings to create something beautiful just for you.

Find out more about the stages involved below…

There are three stages Candid Films covers that are applicable to every project I work on, no matter which package you opt for.




(aka, the planning stage)

This covers all work that is done for a video before the production (i.e. the video shoot) takes place, everything from conversations (our first is always free!) about your ideas and goals for the results of the video, and the ways in which you would like Candid Films to help (e.g. inject personality into your brand, feature a new project, cover an event), to creative planning such as researching concepts, location scouting (if necessary), shoot organisation (things like equipment, transport, schedule of the day), creating a shot list, and admin duties (yup, that’s right - one can never escape admin!) such as contract sorting or budget figuring out-ing...pre-production is KEY to the creative process, laying a foundation off of which everything else builds, from our creative relationship, to the final edit of your Candid Films video!



(aka, the video shoot)

Time for lights, camera, action! Production covers the filming itself (which, admittedly, is pretty self-explanatory, but worth covering anyway!).

The day of the shoot is made for getting stuff DONE, dedicated to capturing everything possible (and then some!) to make sure I have the best, most valuable footage for post-production.

If you’re with me on the day, we’ll most likely dip in and out of conversation about what I’m up to (for example, Alice and I spent a chunk of time before filming chatting, something I’m always keen to do - even if it’s not specifically about the task at hand! - to put you at ease, and to make the situation - one that is new for many - as comfortable as possible), and I’ll keep checking-in to see if I’m covering everything you’d like to see in the final piece.



(aka, when the magic happens)

Ahhh, the nitty-gritty stage, when I pull together all the conversations we’ve had, and the footage I’ve filmed, and get-to creating your first edit.

Now’s the time I have a good ol’ hunt around for the perfect music (most of the time I’ll use free-to-use pieces, but the use of other tracks, for example those with a single-use license, and an additional cost, can be discussed), open up a sequence, and get stuck-in! A process that can take from several days to weeks, depending on project size, every BUSINESS package covers two edits (the first, and the final), with extra edits, and other add-ons (including script/voiceover work, and social media specific edits) available for an extra cost.

Edits will be sent, and we’ll discuss your thoughts via email, or video call, ahead of me producing the final video!




Social media videos

Videos with social-specific messages or audience in mind. For those who like to stick to social, don’t use websites, or want to build an online community.

Example: SpamellaB’s recipe videos for IGTV


Intro videos

Videos used for landing pages on websites to help introduce your services or products. Perfect for connecting with a new audience, cementing relationships with existing ones, or spreading the word about who you are and what you do!

Example: Alice’s intro video on Alice Stewart Jewellery

Family keepsake videos.jpg

Family keepsake videos

Videos that preserve memories, and capture special moments, taking you on a trip down memory lane.

Example: Day out with the Melia’s (more examples coming soon)


Every project is different, and that’s the same for the costs, too. Everything I do is tailored to the individual, so if you aren’t sure about what you read below, would like something extra, or different, don’t forget you can reach out to me for an informal (and free!) chat about your project idea!

A standard Keepsake package starts at £150. This covers initial conversation (our first will ALWAYS be free!), pre-production research including inspiration and locations (if needed), a 2 hour shoot, post-production, and final edit. Extras, at an additional cost, include multiple locations (e.g. at home, at the park), an additional edit after feedback, licensed music, and a video edited for social media (i.e. so friends and family can check it out on Facebook!).

Business package options, starting at £250, are as below:

OPTION #1 - £250

This first package covers all stages of production, including a one-location shoot, three hours of filming, and one revision of the first edit, from your feedback, adapted to one platform (e.g. your website, Instagram).

To sum-up:

  • 1x location shoot

  • 3x hours filming

  • First edit + 1 revision, for 1 platform

OPTION #2 - £300

This second package covers everything option #1 does, but includes an additional edit, from your feedback, adapted to one platform (e.g. intro video for your website, ‘product showcase’ piece for YouTube)

To sum-up:

  • 1x location shoot

  • 3x hours filming

  • First edit + 2 revisions, for 1 platform

OPTION #3 - £425

In addition to covering everything option #1 and 2 do, Candid Films’ third package offers either an adapted edit - a new edit adapted for an additional platform (e.g. final piece to be used both on your website and on IGTV) - or a multi-location shoot, with an extra 2 hours’ of filming.

To sum-up:

  • First edit + 2 revisions, both from your feedback, for one platform, plus

  • Multi-location shoot (totalling 5x hours of shooting), or

  • Adapted edit for second platform

OPTION #4 - £85

This ‘mini’ package covers an hour of shooting, at one location, and either a revised edit, made from your feedback, or a social media edit (from my final edit)

To understand more about the packages, do drop me a line