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Welcome to Candid Films

I believe in the power of storytelling…

…and that nothing is more powerful than a story told through the evocative medium of film.

My name is Tori, and I’m the founder of Candid Films, videography that’s here to help you champion your cause, cheerlead your creativity, and capture memories made to be cherished in a way that meaningfully connects with your community. Your peers. Yourself.

After spending years developing my voice online, I’ve crafted a perspective of filming that encompasses that which I value in online storytelling - sincerity, humanity, and a transparency that encourages people to wholeheartedly connect with what I share. It is with this perspective, then, that I collaborate with others on their own stories, to inject personality into brands, bring to life a craftsperson’s process, or document a family’s day-to-day.

Client Testimonials

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tori! Her eye for detail is impeccable, she captured my brand and what I’m all about so perfectly and in a beautifully creative way. Her warmth of character put me at ease instantly, making the whole experience of filming in my studio a very relaxed and enjoyable one.
— Alice Stewart, Alice Stewart Jewellery

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