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How did Candid Films come about?

I began telling my story online back in 2013 (when alliteration was de rigueur - Tori’s Tales, anyone?), taking to writing like a duck takes to water, all spread wings, and hearty quacks of enthusiasm.

Fast forward through a return to education (you’re looking at the owner of a BA in Philosophy, yup - “I think therefore I am”, and all that metaphysical jazz),  a diagnosis of a chronic pain illness called Joint Hypermobolity Syndrome, three relocations...

I promise I’m getting there...and continued storytelling online (with brief pitstops as an Instagram community leader, a sort-of ‘try to be’ Instagram personality, and some sidebarring into Social Media/Digi Assistant territory), it wasn’t until I stopped myself in my “what am I going to do now?!” tracks (after a working-for-another-human job came to an end) and took stock that I realised the time I was putting into telling my story online - with those earlier words, some audio, and a couple of years-worth of personal films - had shaped me into someone who was really good at showcasing a person, a moment, a place on video.

And that is how Candid Films came about.

Female videographer Candid Films based in Manchester UK



Every film I create is tethered by an anchor point - the seed from which our giant acorn of a story-tree will grow! Focus is on the little things, the small unique details of which you alone (your USP, your creative quirks, your distinct spring-in-your-step behaviours) are the bearer, brought to life in a way that spins the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Our project starts with me learning more about you and what you want to showcase (basically, I’m a nosey so-and-so, and thus have a good dig-around!), leading me to scroll your website, read your blog posts, admire your work across social channels…get a good feel for who you are, and what you do, to build a big-picture in mind of what it is we could create together. We’ll chat, filling in any blanks, and from there I’ll research ahead of creating.

On the day of our shoot I’ll couple the pre-planning with what’s-happening-during, as I work with our surroundings to create something beautiful just for you. Oftentimes I’ll find inspiration in a fallen laugh, the rustle of leaves, light that casts shadows across a wall, all of which will allow me to create an evocative reach-out-and-touch piece. Post production...well, that’s where the magic happens, the time during which I immerse myself in my snippets, and edit ‘til my heart’s content, keeping you, your community, and storytelling at the forefront of my mind!

Fills a gap, whether that be an of-the-market kind, or an in-your-heart-of-hearts kind.

Candid Films is here to help you tell your story, whether you’re running a small business, looking to launch a brand, or wanting to preserve your family’s memories. 

Leads with its humanness.

It doesn’t matter what story you’re trying to tell, one of THE most important things is that it connects well with your audience, clients...even yourself. This is where Candid Films humanness comes in, aka me - Tori. As an empathetic storyteller with many’a years’ experience ‘walking the online walk and talking that online talk!’ tucked under my belt (and more visual content consumed than one really cares to admit to!), I know all too well the impact of a well-told story that connects, which is why I work hard to dig-deep, find the you at the core of what you do, what you’re trying to sell, or say, and bring that to the metaphorical filmmaking table!

Creates beautiful videos.

Where Candid Films’ humanness lends itself to substance, the videos I create pack a mighty style-punch in companion. Less about fads, gimmicks, and trends, and more about timeless, classic pieces that fit and mould to you, my focus is on getting to the heart of your story and sharing it in all its filmworthy glory!

It’s organic, this work of mine...candid storytelling, as it says on the tin.


About Tori

Where do I even start?!

At the very beginning, I guess, when I was just a small child and took to…no, I won’t go that far back (who has the time?!), instead I’ll just share the about-me facts:

I’m a storyteller, first and foremost. Have been for quite some time, and one who loves warts-and-all sharing at that, going all human and shizz, and being open, and honest, and as see-right-through-me transparent as I can be because a) no need to shy away from one’s truth, and b) as a human with a chronic pain illness, honesty is just that much easier when I’m battling against the exhaustion of just moving through the hours, day in, day out!

I live in Manchester (well, just outside, in the ‘burbs), in the north of England, although I am originally from Winchester (an old capital of the country, I’ll have you know!), with my fiance (#conroyalwedding2020), and other peoples’ cats in the garden for company. I love True Crime Podcasts…well, podcasts in general to be honest (to the point I’ve been meaning to start one of my own for YEARS. I know, I know…come on girl, right?!), cake, scarves (mostly because I’m always cold), and…gosh, I dunno, can you boil me down to just those three things? Probably! Oh, and sharing on the internet. That’s what I love. My Instagram community, who I’m more than sure I wouldn’t be here without. Nay, I know I wouldn’t be here without!

And…that’s it, I think! For more of my day-to-day, you can pop here, and to have a natter - because I’m always up for a natter - you can email me here!

Photo of me by the extraordinarily-talented Kathryn

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